Frank from Texas



from Texas

Name: Frank

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 923

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Frank prefers to be addressed as David. He is an energetic young man known for his kindness and respect, thrives on outdoor activities and creative pursuits. From casting lines for fish to creating new tricks on his skateboard, he embraces active challenges. Beyond his athletic pursuits, David pours his heart into art, using his guitar and trumpet as an emotional outlet. Through personal songs, he expresses feelings that words alone can't capture. In his personal time, he enjoys playing video games, playing on his tablet, and planning his next boating adventure. David brings a focused approach to every task he tackles, carefully ensuring things are done just right. He's also developing his ability to express his feelings clearly, showcasing remarkable progress in developing his personal growth. David thrives in supportive learning environments that keep him motivated and engaged. Looking ahead, he sees himself pursuing a degree in engineering. This is driven by a passion for creation and innovation.

David's forever family will offer consistent routine and structure as he thrives the most in this environment. They will offer clear and concise rules and expectations. David's family will help David re-learn how to do many childhood-related tasks in a loving and supportive home environment. They will also allow him to enjoy his childhood as part of a safe and nurturing family. His forever family will continue to encourage him to stay active in sports such as basketball, extracurriculars, and other hobbies. David seeks to please others. His family will be patient and offer him continual positive reinforcement, encouragement, and affection. David would do well with a family that has other children in the home and would love to have pets. He would also benefit from a traditional family structure with a strong male figure.

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