Andrew from Texas



from Texas

Name: Andrew

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 470

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Andrew, also known as Andy, is a unique, kind teenager. He is an approachable young man who has a very respectful way of communicating when he is feeling comfortable. He loves all types of food and couldn't begin to narrow down his favorite one. Andy is friendly and is able to express himself when given time, patience and grace. He enjoys school and his teacher immensely. Andy is interested in maps and loves to color and share his coloring book pages with his friends. He would love a home with supportive parents who understand that he may have some challenging moments, but he is very fun to be around. Andy is a sweet, loving child that continues to make strides in reaching his goals of being more independent.

Andy's forever family will be willing to learn about all of Andy's needs. His family will provide patience and a willingness to be a lifelong support for Andy. Andy's family will provide gentle reminders and prompting in a structured environment.

Andrew Andrew
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