from Texas

Name: Zoey

Age: 9

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 1067

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Zoey is a sweet and fun-loving girl with a playful spirit. She cherishes her LOL and Barbie dolls, spending hours creating imaginative scenes and scenarios. She is easygoing and able to adapt to her surroundings. When alone, Zoey enjoys playing on the tablet and with her collection of dolls. When she is with her peers, she enjoys being outside at the playground, riding bikes and creating new games. While she can be shy at first, she warms up quickly and enjoys expressing herself through engaging play. She seeks to be helpful within the household and aid any friends in need. Zoey thrives on positive reinforcement and cherishes moments with loved ones. Her favorite activity to do with loved ones is to go out for ice cream!

Zoey will thrive in a stable two-parent household. She enjoys the company of other children and would prefer to have siblings, as she is from a large family. Zoey's forever family will consist of parents who can provide her with structure and a consistent daily routine. Her family will be trauma-informed, nurturing, and will redirect her behavior in a positive way. Her family will support her learning and encourage her to succeed. She would benefit from being part of a family that is active in their church or community, and that encourages her to participate in extracurricular activities. Her family should be willing to foster ongoing connections with Zoey's siblings and for this reason preference is given to homes within TX.

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