Zeke (Betty on TARE) from Texas

Zeke (Betty on TARE)

Zeke (Betty on TARE)

from Texas

Name: Zeke (Betty on TARE)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 1276

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Betty, who prefers to be addressed by Zeke, is a caring and protective person who thrives on creative outlets. Whether it's building intricate Lego sets, crafting masterpieces, or belting out a tune, Zeke approaches hobbies with enthusiasm. Zeke also enjoys immersing himself in anime, movies, and video games. An animal lover with experience caring for farm animals like donkeys, mules, and horses, Zeke has a gentle touch with creatures great and small. Zeke adapts quickly in new situations and thrives on building friendships with his welcoming personality. Zeke is an adventurous soul who loves exploring the outdoors while riding bikes. Zeke can even be found cheering on his favorite football or basketball team! A fast learner, Zeke has shown interest in playing instruments and reading music, and even dabbles in writing short novels. With a goofy personality and playful sense of humor, Zeke is sure to brighten any day.

Zeke would thrive in a loving and supportive family environment. The most important qualities in Zeke's forever family are acceptance, open-mindedness, and a strong foundation of love. Ideally, the family would enjoy participating in shared activities like board games, swimming, or bike rides, fostering a sense of connection and fun. While structure is important, a family open to new ideas and experiences would be a perfect fit for Zeke's adventurous spirit.

Zeke (Betty on TARE)
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