from Texas

Name: Zariaya

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 574

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Za'riaya is energetic and warm. She is usually the life of the party anywhere she goes. Za'riaya will light up any room with her personality and playful spirit. She enjoys playing basketball and volleyball in her free time. She aspires to get better at these two sports by the time she gets into high school. Za'riaya is a big competitor, and she will challenge you at whatever you're good at to test your skills, and hers. She loves meeting new kids at school and her coaches and teachers sing her praises every chance they get. Za'riaya recently attended her first dance, which she enjoyed. She is excited about starting high school. She has dreams of joining the school band and maybe the dance team one day.

Za'riaya would be successful in a dual parent household. She will do well in a structured environment. She would do best with a family that will be patient, loving and understanding.

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