from Texas

Name: Van'naiaya

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 526

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Van'Naiaya is a child who likes to dance, sing, listen to music, watch tv and engage in social media. She is outspoken and likes to make jokes. She engages appropriately with adults that she trusts and possesses good communication skills. Van'Naiaya is normally well behaved and respectful to adults. She is able to clearly advocate for what she wants and needs. She interacts best with older teens and adults as she views herself as being older than she really is. She usually gets along with and likes to engage/talk with others. Van'Naiaya is guarded when she first meets people but does attach to individuals whom she views as a parental or familial figure. She would love to become and MMA fighter when she grows up.

Van'Naiaya's forever family will have patience and be sensitive to her needs. Van'Naiaya's family will take the time to listen to her when she happens to get upset and work to find a solution to help her improve her behavior. Van'Naiaya's forever family will be supportive and encouraging of her.

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