Shakira from Texas



from Texas

Name: Shakira

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 651

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Shakira is a sweet, intelligent girl who loves hanging out with friends and socializing. She also likes to browse social media for the latest trends and practice her track routines. Shakira loves to dance, listen to music, and do hair. She wishes to travel to Mexico for a vacation one day. Her favorite food is nachos. Shakira's favorite subject in school is history. She's undecided on her exact career path. However, she's in between the medical and legal fields. Shakira's greatest assets are her bright mind and sense of humor. She is easy to get along with and always seems to make a lot of friends. Her favorite color is purple. She loves butterflies and dislikes reptiles. Shakira likes to have her space when she's upset or sad.

Shakira's forever family will provide patience and consistency and give her attention. She needs to feel loved and wanted. Her forever family will spend a lot of one-on-one time with her and support her goals. Shakira does very well with younger children or children her age. She's okay with pets in the home. This outstanding young lady has a lot to share with her new family.

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