from Texas

Name: Savion

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 24

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Savion is described as a sweet boy who is loving, considerate, and a "gentle soul". He enjoys being read to, playing cars, particularly little Matchbox cars, and watching dogs. Savion enjoys being surrounded by his toys in his room. He likes to explore by crawling around his home and looking out the windows. He enjoys videos, but they only hold his attention for a short amount of time. Savion enjoys looking at himself in the mirror. Savion gets very excited when he learns how to do something new. Savion communicates through moans and hand gestures by pointing or handing caregivers things. Savion says "no" verbally and points to letters in his name on a chart. Savion at times will use sign language. He is affectionate and can nod in response to questions. It can take Savion some time to adjust to a new environment or any change. When eating, his food is either soft or pureed. He loves fruit and fruit juice; he also enjoys spicy foods that he can really taste, like Hot Fries or Hot Cheetos. He has been diagnosed with Moebius Syndrome which effects his cranial nerves, making him unable to move his face. He has great upper body strength and is able to pull himself into a standing position with support. He likes to pull up on things and hang on to the wall. Savion uses a wheel chair for mobility, but he also has a gait walker he loves using. He wears AFOs during the day and braces all the time. He loves to have his legs and feet massaged. He does not have control over his eyes. They can go both directions at the same time. At this time, Savion doesn't wear glasses. If Savion is overstimulated, it may lead to seizures. He responds well to time alone in his room and people speaking softly to him, patting him.

Savion will benefit from a family who understands his medical and health needs. He will require life-long care. Savion's family will be patient, as he has difficulty with change. They will allow him time to adjust to the transition and the new home. When he is feeling anxious, Savion might grab or push a child or pinch his caregiver. His family will need to learn his triggers to help him decrease these behaviors. His family will advocate for his medical care and his education.

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