Ricardo from Texas



from Texas

Name: Ricardo

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Hispanic

Child Id: 775

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Ricardo is a respectful and helpful teenager. He enjoys playing soccer, football, basketball, and running track. Ricardo also enjoys playing video games, specifically tactical games such as Call of Duty. Ricardo hopes to join the United States Army when he is an adult. Recently, he has discovered that he enjoys playing paintball and is skilled at it. He does well in school and makes good grades. Ricardo has an empathetic personality and cares about others. Some of his wishes would be that no one in the world would be sick, and that offensive things did not exist in the world. Ricardo likes to maintain peace with those around him. Ricardo states that he would like to live a simple and stress-free life. He makes friends easily and likes to bring people together.

Ricardo will benefit from a two-parent home with strong role models. His ideal family will be patient and understanding as he navigates the new environment. Ricardo's family will be knowledgeable in trauma-based care. He will benefit from a family who is active and encourages him to participate in multiple activities.

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