Perja from Texas



from Texas

Name: Perja

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 345

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Perja is a quiet, soft spoken young girl. However, Perja is not shy, she is able to express herself appropriately. She is very intelligent, resourceful, and easily transitions from one task to another. Perja does well in school and enjoys attending. She is strong willed and advocates for herself. Perja is an incredibly determined young lady and has some issues with following instruction and directions. Perja loves to sing and listen to music. You can always find Perja dancing and singing. Perja is energetic and loves to stay activity. She enjoys playing outside. Her favorite thing to do outside is playing basketball. Perja enjoys family time with playing board games. Perja attaches easily and quickly to her peers and adults. Perja loves her stuffed animals and is very attached to her stuffed animals.

Perja will do well in a two-parent home with a strong female role model. Perja would do best as either the youngest or only child. She would benefit from a family that is consistency structured in her environment to function effectively. Reinforces and consequences for behaviors should be immediately and consistently implemented as well as developmentally appropriately. The family should be patient but firm, while reinforcing positive behaviors. They should also be creative, active, and teach and model appropriate social skills. It is important for them to teach positive relationships and boundaries that will help improve Perja's social skills.

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