from Texas

Name: Olyvia

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: NA

Child Id: 477

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Olyvia is an affectionate and loving girl. She is smart, observant and asks lots of questions. She sees and hears everything and has an excellent memory. She loves people and is outgoing with those she knows as well as strangers. She has lots of energy and is at her happiest when she is active. She enjoys outings and vacations because she likes to be around other children. She is currently working through some challenges in school. She is easily distracted and benefits from one on one instruction and short breaks to complete her school work. Olyvia loves being the center of attention. She thrives with consistency, structure and unconditional love. She is learning to love herself. Like other kids her age, she likes to get her way but understands that she can't always have things go her way. Olyvia will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Olyvia would do best in a two parent home. Her forever family will provide her with a lot of one on one attention. She would do best with being the only child in the home. Olyvia enjoys being active and staying busy. Her family will participate in many different types of activities, both at home and outside of the home. Olyvia enjoys traveling and has stated that she wants a family that travels. Her family will provide her with structure and strong boundaries. Her family will be consistent with discipline and follow through with consequences. Her family will communicate in a patient and loving manner. Her family will be able to provide Olyvia choices and provide consistency. Her family will also be a strong advocate for her all of her needs.

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