Miyah from Texas



from Texas

Name: Miyah

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: Hispanic

Child Id: 1265

Sibling Group: Sibling Group

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Miyah shines with her friendly personality and love for playing with others. Miyah's a team player who aims to please. She's a patient listener and a hard worker, always ready to lend a hand or offer a warm hug. She's shows responsibility and maturity beyond her years. Her nurturing nature extends to her siblings, making her a wonderful playmate. She enjoys being active and playing outside. Her favorite outdoor activities include riding her hoverboard, long bike rides and sitting underneath the stars while camping. Miyah enjoys helping in the kitchen. She likes trying new food places and experiencing new things with loved ones. Miyah's favorite foods are pizza rolls, nachos, and spaghetti. Overall, Miyah is a sweet, caring, and adventurous young lady who's blossoming into a responsible and independent individual.

Miyah, Annaleigh and Za'Kiyah are three sisters who are a force to be reckoned with! This trio of sisters are a mix of love, laughter, and a dash of friendly competition. While Annaleigh might sometimes wish she had Za'Kiyah's latest toy or activity, their love for each other shines through. Each is unique: Miyah is the oldest of the three girls. She is known as the nurturing one and enjoys playing mom. Miyah likes to express herself with her clothes and shoes. Annaleigh is the middle child. Annaleigh likes to be independent and attempts to tackle tasks on her own. Za'Kiyah is the youngest. She is a very loving independent little girl. She loves to play with her dolls. Their differences don't stop them from having fun! They're master's at making each other laugh, and movie nights and outdoor adventures are always a blast. Miyah, Annaleigh and Za'Kiyah know how to create a good time with one another whether it's sharing secrets under the covers or playing tag outside.

Miyah will do well in a single or two parent home. Miyah's forever family will be structured and will maintain a good daily routine. Her family will be patient and provide her with praise when she does something well, and consistent re-direction as needed. Miyah would love to have a family who is active and will encourage her to participate in activities that will improve her self-esteem and social skills.

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