Michael from Texas



from Texas

Name: Michael

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 468

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Michael is a busy and curious boy who is affectionate and smart. He has been described by his current caregivers as "every day is like Christmas to him". He is also so happy and laid back. He loves animals and enjoys being outside during the evening chores where the placement farms animals are being tended to. He enjoys playing in the water. He loves bath time and going to the lake to play in the water. He is a very happy child and is very easily entertained. Michael is very affectionate and loves to be around other people. He does not know a stranger and enjoys attention. He is also very independent and loves to be able to move independently from others. Michael loves school and even likes to go on his off days! He is quite an explorer and loves to be inquisitive about the world around him. He is diagnosed with a chromosome abnormality (2 deletion), congenital heart disease - atrial septal defect and ventricular septal defect, and ongoing aspiration. Michael does have a G-tube but is working on learning to eat without it. Michael is deaf and legally blind without his glasses. He is also non-verbal but communicates what he wants by pointing and some sign language. He has recently started walking on his own without any assistance and even took 15 steps unassisted before he realized that he didn't have his walker with him!

Michael will do well in either a two-parent or one -parent household. His forever family will meet his medical health and intellectual needs while providing him lots of love and affection. His family will understand he needs lifelong care but will also foster his independence and progress despite the challenges he faces. Michael's family will be patient and does not mind when things aren't in a certain order as Michael loves his independence no matter how that may look. Michael would do very well as an only child but would also do well with a sibling as he loves other children. Michael does require close supervision around younger children as he does not yet understand that he is bigger than them. Michael's forever family will allow him to participate in many activities outside the home and encourage him to continue to develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually. They will allow him the space to watch or be part of everyday activities. Michael will be a life-long commitment of joy and happiness.

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