Maxon from Texas



from Texas

Name: Maxon

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 1260

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Maxon is a social butterfly! He is polite and kind to others. He loves attending church and has made many friends in his youth program. Maxon loves to cook. He was so thrilled when he learned how to make his first meal. One of Maxon's favorite things to do is read. He has participated in summer reading programs at his local library. Maxon is described as a good student who enjoys school. He has lots of friends at school and loves to talk. Maxon enjoys being outside and riding his bike with friends. He loves playing video games and cooking. Maxon is a very sweet and energetic young boy that people love having around. He loves to share and tries to uplift those around him.

Maxon's forever family will have patience and understanding. Maxon ideal family will be willing to support him and meet his needs as he continues to grow. Maxon would love to be adopted by a family that enjoys doing various activities as a family.

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