from Texas

Name: Markayla

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 796

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Markayla is bright and vivacious girl! She is quite talented when it comes to playing musical instruments. She loves teaching herself new songs she learned from YouTube. She currently aspires to be a music artist when she grows up. She is passionate and creative and enjoys crocheting and knitting. She is an incredibly skilled writer and expresses herself through the written word. She loves anime and enjoys watching it and reading the graphic novels with her favorite characters. Upon initially meeting her, she can be shy but once she feels comfortable, she is funny, makes jokes and smiles often. She is extremely intelligent and does well in school. She achieves great grades with A's and B's. She has been praised on her great memory and attention to details.

Markayla's forever family will be able to meet her where she is. Markayla would do well with other children in the home around her age to keep her busy. Her family will be understanding and informed. Her family will understand that she will need time to transition and feel safe in the home. Markayla's family will remind her that she is loved and be able to support her to be able to open up to them. Markayla's family will not give up on her.

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