from Texas

Name: King

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 253

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King is a sweet and happy child. He is learning new words every day and will often repeat the words that he hears. King can express his needs with words and gestures. He absolutely loves to draw. When King has the opportunity to draw, the drawing activity seems to bring about a sense of calmness within him. King will draw all kinds of shapes and he is able to identify them. For example, if he sees a brush that has an oval shape, he will say "oval". He also draws computers, transformers, and other vehicles. King loves attention and likes to play alongside others. When playing alone, he will play with his toy car. King loves to eat and enjoys a variety of foods. He also loves music and sings in the church's child choir. He enjoys going out to events and doing new activities.

King's forever family will be committed to caring for him throughout adulthood. He will benefit from loving parents who have experience with caring for children with Autism and are willing to supervise him at all times. King's forever family will assist him in his learning. He will benefit from a family who goes on outings, as he loves to participate in community events. King's family will express love openly. His parents will love, hug, and care for him. King's family will give him the attention he wants and needs in order to thrive in life.

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