from Texas

Name: Kamrun

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 624

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Kamrun is a lively and outgoing boy. He loves all sports, superheroes, cars, computers and video games. He is involved in church activities and extracurricular activities and is eager to start playing football. Kamrun is social and does well with his peers, even though he prefers to be around children his age or older. He is known for his goofy sense of humor and his love of making jokes, which makes him a lot of fun to be around. Kamrun is a hard worker who has shown significant school improvement as he benefits from educational support services. He is a resilient child who has shown a lot of progress in all areas of development. Kamrun is a unique child with a lot to offer the world. He is a joy to be around and has the potential to do great things.

Kamrun's forever family will consist of two parents who will provide him with a strong sense of structure and stability. He would benefit from having a male role model who is positive and supportive. He would do best if he is with children his age or older. His parents will be patient and understanding and provide him with praise and encouragement when he does well. They will also be consistent in their discipline and redirect him when he breaks a rule. Kamrun would love to be a part of a family that is active in the community. He would benefit from participating in activities that improve his self-esteem and social skills. He would also enjoy being part of a family involved in church and other religious activities. Ultimately, Kamrun wants a family that is committed to him and will help him reach his full potential.

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