Jericho from Texas



from Texas

Name: Jericho

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 1168

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Jericho is a whirlwind of energy. He is a kid at heart and has joy for his toys. Jericho enjoys building creative Lego masterpieces, racing cars, and competing with others over board games. He is a growing boy with a healthy appetite. His favorite foods are any type of protein and rice. Jericho has even begun to take an interest in cooking. He is working on his cooking skills and hopes to create a one-of-a-kind Jericho signature dish. He is a social butterfly with the ability to connect with others and cherishes time with his peers. He bonds through conversation and playing video games with anyone who'll join in. Jericho is on the autism spectrum. He is an analytical thinker, looks at the big picture and can look at a situation and tackle it head on. His creativeness and problem-solving skills have led him to be interested in engineering! He is unsure of which field he will be in, but he desires to pursue a career in engineering.

Jericho's forever family will be one that will be able to meet his needs, embrace him and accept him as he is. Jericho will thrive in a two-parent home, with a strong male role model. His family will be equipped to care for children with Autism. His family will be structured and operate within a daily routine. His family will be patient and provide him with praise when he does something well, and consistent redirection. He would love to have a family that is active and will encourage him to participate in activities that will improve his self-esteem and social skills. His family should be able to provide necessary time and attention to Jericho.

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