James from Texas



from Texas

Name: James

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 1258

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James has a calm and friendly personality. He is a music lover and creative genius; this genius appreciates sketching and playing the bass drum, snare drum, and piano. James enjoys swimming, morning walks, exercising, and watching his favorite football team on TV. He is ready to take on new adventures, like learning how to drive. Furthermore, he relishes dressing nice and ensuring his outfits match. James also likes to go window shopping for inspiration for his next outfit. He adores animals and recently got to pet llamas and horses at a petting zoo, and he shares the experience with a huge smile. James desires a mentor who helps guide him when he goes to college. He would like to become a veterinarian or psychiatrist in the future.

A forever family with a routine and consistent schedule would best meet James' needs. James responds well to clear and concise expectations and would love a household with pets. His forever family will be loving and caring and meet James' needs.

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