Ikira from Texas



from Texas

Name: Ikira

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 413

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Ikira is a very outgoing and lively teenager. She really likes technology, arts and crafts, and singing. However, she is very shy when it comes to singing in public, but she has a beautiful voice. She is also very good at skateboarding. She is now in high school, and would like to participate in band, as well as play soccer. She likes to be active, so being engaged in different activities is beneficial. She is enjoying her journey in high school. She is a very organized student. She is doing well academically, and her favorite subject is Math. She makes friends easily, as she has a nice and friendly personality. Ikira will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family.

Ikira's forever family will provide a stable, well-structured home environment. Her family will be nurturing and organized. Her family will be patient, understanding, committed and resourceful. Ikira's family will provide the stability she needs through patience and love. Her family will encourage her as she benefits from positive reinforcement. She responds to redirection but will benefit from having time to gather herself and think through her decisions. Ikira will thrive in a home where she is able to express herself and truly be a part of a family unit. Her family will be consistent and compassionate towards her as she will need time to adjust to her new surroundings. Ikira's family will be unwavering and dependable.

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