from Texas

Name: Ian

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 925

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Millie is a creative individual who appears confident in the way she expresses herself. She is passionate and confident, and she knows what she likes and dislikes. Millie is very eclectic in her interests such as arts and crafts and music. Millie is protective of her art and often carries her art journal with her. She has a very caring and loving personality, and has high admiration for her brother, who is not a part of this adoption. Millie and her brother are working together on a video project. She enjoys video games and watching YouTube videos. Millie does not like loud noises in her environment but uses coping skills to manage, including singing loudly herself. She enjoys music and she is particularly interested in the piano. Millie enjoys drawing and making up stories, and really likes swimming. She is a very intelligent child who has a high capacity to learn. Millie continues to grow in the school setting and despite her strong proclamation of disliking reading and writing, she does well in school. Millie is a joy to get to know and makes people laugh!

Millie will do best in a home with no other kids or possibly older siblings. She has expressed a preference for a family with two moms. Her family will be patient and provide her with opportunities to explore and improve her social skills. Millie will thrive with parents who are more relaxed in structure yet will maintain a good daily routine and provide clear expectations. She will benefit from a family who encourages her to continue contact with her brother and other important people in her life. Millie's family will encourage learning and provide opportunities to explore new things. Her family must also be open and accepting to her identity.

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