Efren from Texas



from Texas

Name: Efren

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Hispanic

Child Id: 888

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Efren is a young boy who is often quick to be silly and enjoys making his loved ones laugh. He frequently gets up in the middle of the night to play and laugh. Efren has a great sense of humor and a happy disposition. He's very energetic and loves being active. Efren likes trains, stuffed animals, and music, particularly Christian music. He loves Coco melon and different Disney shows. He's rooted in the Hispanic culture. He can understand both English and Spanish language. In addition to communicating through words, Efren also uses gestures. He likes to go outside and kick rocks. Efren finds joy while playing in the water. He really shows his happy side when he attends a splash pad. Efren's favorite foods are hot dogs and pizza.

Efren's forever family will be stable, with a structured home environment and clear, age-appropriate, and consistent behavioral expectations. Any needed behavioral interventions will be consistent. Efren's family will make a positive commitment to meeting his needs to the best of their abilities. A stimulating and challenging environment will work best for Efren. Educational support, along with a protective environment, are keys to success. His parents will have reasonable expectations and be willing to celebrate the smallest achievement.

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