Dante from Texas



from Texas

Name: Dante

Age: 6

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 1263

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Dante, better known as D3, is an active and engaged child. He loves to participate in activities that challenge him and allow him to express himself. He likes to draw, do puzzles, play with toys, listen to a good book and dance to music. Dante is a happy child who is always smiling. He has a great personality that captures the hearts of all whom he encounters. He is cheerful and affectionate. He connects well to people and is great at having conversations. He enjoys being around peers and playing. He tends to be very agreeable and likes trying new things. Dante enjoys going to the park and playing hide and seek and musical chairs. He loves water play and going to the splash pad. Dante is a determined little boy, and he seeks to show how capable he is.

Dante's forever family will be one that loves him unconditionally and provides him with a safe and nurturing environment where he can thrive and reach his full potential. His family will be active and engaging. They will seek to keep Dante involved in extracurricular activities. His family should be able to appreciate Dante's individual strengths and challenges and provide support. His family should be willing to foster connections with Dante and his siblings.

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