Charlie from Texas



from Texas

Name: Charlie

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 679

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Charlie is an incredibly vibrant and fun-loving kiddo! With his outgoing personality, sense of humor, and love for outdoor activities and creative pursuits like drawing, he brings great joy to those around him. He's protective of his loved ones and values spending time together as a family. Charlie's favorite meal is Thanksgiving dinner, not only for turkey but for the gathering of friends and family. His interests in sports, video games, and electronics offer a wide range of activities for him to enjoy. Charlie has a real passion for gaming! He also aspires to create content around his gaming on social media by engaging others through sharing his gaming experiences and getting feedback through reactions. He enjoys watching scary movies. His favorite movie is Jeepers Creepers. Charlie likes school. His favorite subject is math. He enjoys reading immersive and suspenseful books like Five Nights at Freddy's. Charlie likes throwing around the football and shooting hoops when playing outside. His big aspiration, a red matte Boughadi with a black or red interior, highlights his unique taste and sense of style. Charlie's future dreams are to be a race car driver or a police officer. Eventually, he wishes to have a family with a wife and two children.

Charlie is easy to get along with and would thrive in a warm, loving home. Charlie's forever family will be active outdoors and support him in exercising as a fun way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His family will enjoy spending time participating in activities or spending quality time together as a family. Charlie would love to have a two-parent family that has other children his age and family pets.

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