from Texas

Name: Cardell

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 542

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Cardell is a very happy, friendly, and outspoken child. He will tell you if he does not like something. He is a very loveable child who likes to play video games, watch movies, and loves to watch his favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys. He loves to sleep late, but once he is wake, he wants to either play video games or go ride his bike if the weather permits. Cardell likes to help in the kitchen to take sure you are preparing his favorite meal which is nachos with hot dogs and add a little mustard please. He likes to be helpful around the home and like to do chores so he can earn points so he can buy him something that he wants. He would like to attend a professional cowboy's game and meet DAK. He likes basketball also and would like to attend a professional player. He is very loyal and makes friends and can be easily directed. Cardell would be a great asset to the family for adoption if you love sports and likes animals.

Cardell's forever family will be very understanding and patient. They will provide structure and guidance for him. Cardell would do best in a two parent home. They will give him the love and care that he needs.

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