from Texas

Name: Cameron

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 737

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Cameron is a very funny and active child. He loves to play outside, but when spending time indoors, he enjoys playing video games, specifically Fortnight. Cameron also likes Legos, football, and basketball. His favorite foods are shrimp, pizza, and Taki's. Cameron is learning how to ask for help when he doesn't know how to do something instead of getting discouraged and giving up. He has done well in his new placement with patience and waiting for his caregiver to ask for help. He does well in school, and benefits from some additional support. His favorite subject is math, and his least favorite subject is reading. Cameron states that funny jokes are a good ice breaker for him, and he enjoys laughing. Cameron is great at communicating everything he feels he needs.

Cameron's forever family will provide affection and encouragement to him. His forever family will spend one-on-one time with him, encouraging his own unique interests and enjoying activities he loves. They will also nurture his bond with his brother. He will benefit from a two-parent family, preferably with two moms or a mom and a dad. A family with at least one parent who can stay at home and be available for the him would be best for Cameron. Cameron longs to be understood and involved- his family will engage him and help him communicate his desires and needs. Cameron would do well with a family who can establish clear and concise rules and expectations within the home. His forever family will commit to establishing security and support throughout the rest of his life.

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