from Texas

Name: Braxton

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 650

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Braxton is a child who is both funny and calm at the same time. Watching lights and listening to music brings him joy. Braxton's favorite months are November through January because that's when he sees all of the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and lights. He enjoys being in the company of other young people who engage with him. Braxton is outgoing and derives pleasure from participating in social gatherings. He prefers being in the company of other hilarious and outgoing children! When the cat approaches Braxton and settles down on his legs, he finds it amusing. When Braxton is in his wheelchair upright, he operates quite well. Due to his limited mobility, he will require continuous assistance with everyday duties for an extended duration. Braxton can cry out, make sounds like cooing, and use a variety of facial expressions to communicate his needs. Whether it's lounging on the porch or going to the park, he enjoys spending time outside with the people closest to him.

Braxton's forever family will be very patient, knowledgeable, open to change, and willing to learn. Ideally, his family will have other youth to interact with Braxton calmly. His family will have a stay-at-home parent and in-home nurses to meet all of his medical needs. His parents will be caring, kind and fully committed. His family will have experience working with children with high medical needs, and a background in medical care is preferred. Braxton will benefit from individual time with his forever family to ensure he feels loved and accepted. His family will need to continue with all of his support services.

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