Aysia from Texas



from Texas

Name: Aysia

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: African American

Child Id: 1253

Sibling Group: Sibling Group

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Aysia is a sweet girl. She is active, and she loves outdoor activities. She enjoys talking and playing with others but also does well playing alone. Aysia is very helpful. She is a self-starter and takes initiative. Aysia loves drawing and singing. She has a beautiful voice. Aysia likes to eat, and Her favorite food is pizza. She enjoys electronic devices and dolls. She is in school and enjoys attending summer camps in the summer. She is not in any special programs. Aysia is well-mannered and has respect for adults. She follows the rules and loves to help around the house. Aysia is very creative. Often, she writes her own songs to sing. She has a passion for music and art. Aysia will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Aysia, Aryana, and Addyson are very friendly girls! They are very sweet, kind, and loving! The girls are very talkative and are friendly to people they meet. They are a helpful bunch that enjoys helping around the house. Their hugs will warm your heart. Their smiles are infectious. The girls love playing dolls, singing, dancing, and being outdoors. Aysia, Aryana, and Addyson enjoy trying new foods. The enjoy helping in the kitchen. They love to receive praise for their hard work and strive to make good decisions. The girls are each other's support system. They show each other love and support in everything they do. Aysia is the eldest child, and she is known for her leadership skills. Aryana is the middle child, and she enjoys giving hugs and is always smiling! talker of the trio and enjoys big hugs. Addyson is the youngest child and she is very creative. The girls are well-mannered, respectful, and bright young ladies.

Aysia will benefit from a two-parent family that is patient and offers consistency. Her family will encourage and support her. Her forever family will love her unconditionally.

Aysia Aysia
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