from Texas

Name: Audrey

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: NA

Child Id: 685

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Audrey is a very sweet young girl. Most of the time, she enjoys being around others and helping. Audrey has a helpful spirit and desires to be friends with her peers. Audrey loves playing with dolls or other kids and singing. Audrey has overcome many challenges and developed into a determined, confident, and vocal youth. She is knowledgeable and very self-aware, but she does have a few fears. She is actively participating in skill building which allows her to strengthen positive thoughts and create connections with supportive adults. Audrey is a great student. She exhibits leadership qualities in school and assist others with their work. Audrey knows she wants to go to college but does not know what she wants to be when she grows up for sure. Audrey most recently stated she may want to become a country singer.

Audrey would prefer to be in a two-parent household and with same age children. She will benefit from a loving, nurturing home to provide her the attention she craves. Audrey would like to join a family who is supportive of her faith. Her parents will be patient, understanding, and loving in moments where she is not her best self. Audrey responds well to positive reinforcements and verbal redirection. She will thrive in a therapeutic home trained in TBRI and understands trauma. Audrey needs a family who understands she needs her own space to think, gather, and regroup. Her family will be heavily involved in education and understands methods of redirecting in the schools. Audrey will need time to adjust to her new environment. The family will help her process big feelings and regulate emotions. They will establish firm boundaries with clear and concise limits. Audrey desires to be a part of family which she can call her own. A family which will stick by her side, advocate, and support her as she develops though life will be ideal.

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