Aubrey from Texas



from Texas

Name: Aubrey

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 1157

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Aubrey is a sweet and artistic child that enjoys journaling and coloring. She has a love for anime and in her free time, she enjoys watching anime and talking about different anime characters. Aubrey expressed that she is Creole and enjoys good food and coffee. In addition, Aubrey can be engaging, funny, and entertaining. She can adapt to her surrounding and engage well with others. Aubrey enjoys school and can benefit from advanced placement or college preparatory classes. Aubrey gets along with her peers. She is not easily influenced by those around her and is mindful to not engage in unhealthy behaviors with friends. Aubrey is an active participant in her growth. She likes to be involved in social groups with peers and is currently involved with a youth group.

Aubrey's forever family will be one that is a structured, nurturing family that enjoys sharing time, traditions, and values to create a sense of belonging that would help Aubrey thrive in the home. The family will be an active family that will encourage her to participate in activities that will improve her self-esteem and social skills. Aubrey enjoys having one-on-one time. Therefore, Aubrey will thrive in a structured home that has boundaries, as well as a home that can be flexible when appropriate. Most importantly, the family will acknowledge her as a vital family member, where her voice can be heard, and her opinions will be respected.

Aubrey Aubrey
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