from Texas

Name: Allen

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: NA

Child Id: 1171

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Allen is a bright and upbeat young man who can light up a room with his positivity and good manners. He enjoys a variety of activities like basketball, drawing, video games, and card games. Allen values interactions with his peers, enjoying recreational activities and camps, especially those that take him outdoors. Making friends and playing games are his forte, and he thrives in social settings. School is a bright spot for Allen as he performs well in all his classes. Allen's favorite class is Art. He also enjoys problem solving and calculating numbers in Math. Allen is an optimistic and motivated young boy with a kind heart and a strong desire to learn and grow. He will be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Allen's forever family will be supportive and understanding. His family will be able to meet all his needs. Allen does best in a highly structured environment where the daily routine is predictable, and the expectations are very clear. Allen's family will be loving yet will establish very firm boundaries and follow through consistently with reasonable consequences that he understands. Allen will do well in a two-parent home, and it would be ideal if he was the only child in the home. Allen may benefit from caregivers who have had professional experience working with children.

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