Alicianna from Texas



from Texas

Name: Alicianna

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 906

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Alicianna prefers to go by Jordan and has an intelligent and fun-loving personality. She is very outgoing and can be goofy and silly. Jordan enjoys typical teenage activities, especially shopping for clothes and going to Starbucks. She likes being outside, playing volleyball, basketball, and hanging out with her friends. Jordan also enjoys listening to pop music and going out to different places, such as water parks and the movies. She also attends church. Jordan loves fashion, doing her own makeup and styling her hair. Her goal is to go to school, as she aspires to a career as a cosmetologist. Jordan loves dogs, especially pugs and corgis. Jordan has an extensive collection of stuffed animals and Squish mellows, of which she adores each of their personality traits. Jordan is artistic and enjoys drawing and coloring. She easily articulates her wants and needs. Her favorite color is blue. Jordan's favorite foods are McDonald's chicken nuggets, pizza and ramen noodles.

Jordan's forever family will be attentive, loving, and patient. She will do her best in a home that fully understands and accepts her for her identity and will work with her through her feelings of vulnerability and trust. Jordan would like a home that is LGBTQ+ accepting or a same-sex couple. Jordan's family will work to earn her trust through stability, consistency, nurturance, and structure. Her family will provide her with a structured and active schedule. Jordan will thrive with a family who encourage her to participate in typical teenage activities. Her family will be sympathetic, have patience with her, advocate for her, and teach her life skills as she transitions into adulthood.

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