Alex from Texas



from Texas

Name: Alex

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Anglo

Child Id: 410

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Alex is a vibrant and active teenager with a big heart. He enjoys playing sports, participating in youth clubs, and watching Transformers. Alex has a loving and funny personality. He enjoys being active and enjoys doing anything that can keep him busy. Alex's favorite sports are basketball and football, but he also enjoys bowling. His true dream? To grace the NBA courts as a star basketball player. But beyond competition, Alex's heart shines in his love for helping others, radiating warmth and compassion everywhere he goes. When it's time to unwind, he dives into board games, funny movies, and cartoons, enjoying lighthearted entertainment. He also enjoys a variety of activities on his tablet. Regarding food, Alex is a pizza fanatic, but his sweet tooth desires desserts, especially his favorite strawberry cake.

Alex would thrive in a family that celebrates neurodiversity and fosters an inclusive environment for him to learn and grow. Alex expressed that he would like a family that lives close to his brother so that he can continue to see him. Alex asked that his future parents be nice and that they enjoy going places. Alex expressed that he would enjoy a two-parent home that attends church so that he could have the opportunity to participate in church camps. Alex expressed that he wished he could have a family with children in the home. He wishes for a brother and sister to whom he could learn and teach things. Alex expressed that he would love to find parents who could help him learn how to read. Alex would best fit with parents who are loving and accepting of receiving love from him. Alex expressed that he would like a family to encourage ongoing contact between him and his older brother.

Alex Alex Alex
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