from Texas

Name: Adan

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Location: Texas

Race: Hispanic

Child Id: 658

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Adan is a model in the making! He is an active young boy who loves to stay in shape. Adam expressed a desire to play volleyball. He loves drawing, taking photos, and shopping. Adan desires to work in the film industry someday. He has written poetry that was published in a book. He loves jokes that fit his humor. Adan is well-mannered and respectful. He loves to learn new things and learns pretty quickly. He is able to express how he feels and appreciates clear communication. Adan is determined to achieve things he puts his mind to. He is an overall friendly child who gets along well with others. His favorite foods are vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Adan is someone who understands the sky is the limit, and he is eager to achieve his dreams.

Adan would mesh well with a family who loves attending and participating in traveling. He would benefit from a family who can provide structure. Adan would benefit from a family who has an educational background with the photography or film industry as he wants to become a model. His family will be able to support Adan. His family will be able to provide a safe space for healing and understanding. Adan's family will be patient with him in learning healthier coping mechanisms when he becomes upset. His family will be determined to provide stability and stick by Adan's side. Adan has a younger brother that he talks to all the time and would love if his adoptive family would allow him to stay in contact with him. Also, his family must be able to ensure that he feels like he is seen and heard. His family must be able to provide sensitive care for Adan.

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